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Meet Ting Jung Lee

Ting Jung Lee is a travel YouTuber from the USA traveling the world with Money Fomo Battuta

Why did you decide to come on Money Fomo?

1. We get to work & play while they organize? Sounds good

2. There are lots of cuties and smarties on the trip? NICE.

3. You'll get lots of mosquito bites and gain 15 pounds off of too much bread and cheese in South America? Wait, this one doesn't sound so - oops too late I can't get my deposit back.

What are you working on for the year?

Starting a travel and comedy Youtube channel that is everything but normal. Let's be honest. Traveling is weird and gosh those digital nomads?

They are SO weird.

But truth be told, the purpose of this channel is to tell all the working warriors out there this: don't quit your daydreams. If a tech marketing professional can let go of her super cute hipster shoes to travel around the world with close to no possessions hoping to make it as an internet derp...what are you waiting for?

(Hopefully not my next Youtube video cause I haven't edited that yet.)

How did you find yourself a remote role?

I went on Youtube, uploaded my first travel video and from that day forward I had a job. A job that currently pays me no money. Just some internet thumbs up.

How do you think traveling will affect your current work?

Everywhere I go, I'm usually recording or taking photos. Otherwise I'm brainstorming about how to share where I'm at with others. Traveling is different for me now. It's not exactly a vacation, it's my full-time job. But I love it so much. The kind of love where you hate yourself for one day for making this decision but then fall back in love with how determined you are to make everything work.

What are you most passionate about?

Inspiring people. And I believe laughter is the sweetest form of inspiration!

If you had to be stuck on an island with another Remote, who would it be?

Sam, the co-founder of Money Fomo. So that he can refund my Money Fomo fees.

What is your secret talent?

I'll tell you if you swipe right.

Describe your perfect day.

Wake up to hot men with buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken. They call me Goddess and paints me the way Jack painted Rose. For lunch we eat Shin Ramen (side note: can someone deliver me some please) and watch romantic comedies. They try to cuddle but I'm like, ""NO GIVE ME SPACE"" and then I go swim in my pool of dollar bills. No water, just money.

My private jet comes pick me up and takes me to Taylor Swift's house. She looks at me and says, ""you belong with me"" and I'm like ""UM, YAS QUEEN"". But then I remembered I left my pet persian cat at home so I jet back.

On the jet I take a nap and when I woke up I was in bed, in my pink cat PJ pants with drool all over my face. It was only a dream and it's 5pm, I slept through most of my day.

What book should everyone read?

Steal Like An Artist

Eat, Pray, Love

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Where will you be in 30 years?

Probably sitting on the porch beaming with pride at how ridiculous I was in my 20s. And then I take a sip of whiskey.

Your favorite quote?

Inspire by doing.

What would you say to others looking to bring travel into their lives?

Shia Labeouf: JUST DO IT.