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Money Fomo Accommodations

Money Fomo participants live in fully furnished apartments typical to the area they are traveling.  Our typical accommodations will be shared living situations (usually 2-3 bedroom apartments) where you will always have a private room to yourself! Bathrooms are never shared with more than 1 person. Living with your fellow community members is an amazing way to build deeper relationships with your community members.

Can I live alone?

We cannot guarantee that you will always have access to a studio or 1 bedroom apartment in any of our cities, but know you will always have a private bedroom and may share common space - kitchen, living room, and bathroom - with your flatmates who are also traveling on your program. You will also always be able to submit your apartment preferences and roommate preferences.

On Itinerary Programs, there will be some cities that have the option for you to upgrade to a 1bedroom apartment for an additional fee. You can ask your Program Leader what cities have that option available once you've committed to a program.

All Destinations programs have the option to upgrade to a 1 bedroom apartment for an additional fee, having a roommate is the default. If you are joining a Destinations program and would like to choose the option to upgrade, you can do so during your Onboarding process.

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