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Top 9 Working Cafés in Hanoi, Vietnam

Money Fomo Experience Managers have are in-the-know when it comes to all of the hottest spots in their city. This week, we’re spotlighting the top 9 cafés in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Getting to know a new city isn’t easy. From navigating local customs to deciphering foreign street signs, finding places that you love, much less a hidden gem, can be difficult. Our travel pro tip? Do as the locals do. Money Fomo has local Experience Managers on staff in each city that we live and work in, which means that a VIP experience is only a Slack message away. Money Fomo Experience Managers are experts when it comes to the best places to eat, work, play and relax in their city - and we’re going to share their insider info with you.

This week, we’re spotlighting the top nine cafés in Hanoi, Vietnam. These cafés are our favorite places to go when we need a break from the workspace, or just to relax after a productive day. From delicious egg coffees to views that can’t be beat, here are the top 9 cafés in Hanoi, and why we love them.

Ca Phe Giang

Ca Phe Giang is famous among Remotes for its egg coffee and it’s commitment to maintaining an authentic appearance in a sea of chain cafés.

Ca Phe Giang Hanoi Vietnam | Money Fomo
Photo Source: Ca Phe Giang website

Cong Café

Cong Café is a vintage, army-themed café located in Hanoi. With multiple locations, all with working hours that stretch until 11:30pm, this café is a Remote favorite in this Vietnamese city.

Lifted Coffee and Brunch

Head to Lifted when you’re looking to start your day on the right foot. Brunch items like poached eggs, yogurt bowls, and avocado toasts are given a twist with local, seasonal ingredients.

Lifted Coffee and Brunch Hanoi Vietnam | Money Fomo
‍Photo Source: Lifted’s Facebook page


Only a five minute walk away from the Money Fomo workspace, this 24/7 café is a go-to for many Remotes in Hanoi. It has both indoor and outdoor seating so you can choose whichever setting sparks your creativity.

Trill Rooftop Café and Bistro

For good eats and an even better aesthetic, head to Trill Bistro. The modern, eclectic decor will do wonders for your Instagram feed and you’ll be stunned by the rooftop views of the city.

Trill Rooftop Cafe and Bistro Hanoi Vietnam | Money Fomo
‍Photo Source: Trill’s Facebook page


Remotes love Tranquil for its quiet, cozy atmosphere. Tranquil is dedicated to both coffee lovers and book lovers, of which there are many in the Money Fomo Nation.

Ca Phe Pho Co

Known to locals as a hidden gem, Ca Phe Pho Co is a hideaway café with amazing views over Hoan Kiem Lake. Check it out if you want to immerse yourself in lush scenery and delicious egg coffee.


Maison de Tet decor

This is the place to go if you’re craving something a bit more hefty and healthy than a coffee and a pastry. Maison de Tet decor has filling foods like  fig, date, and walnut sourdough toast, salad wraps, and “nourish bowls” filled with vegetables and protein.

Maison de Tet decor Hanoi Vietnam
Photo Source: Maison de Tet decor’s Facebook page


L’etage Cafe is the café to visit if you’re craving the best egg coffee in town. It has a great view of the Hoan Kiem lake and a few furry kittens on location to be your café companions.


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