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Diary of a Money Fomo Transition Weekend

Money Fomo Veritas Program Leaders Michelle and Chrissy give you an hour-by-hour look at their program's transition from Córdoba to Lima, executed during the pivotal time that Remotes like to call Transition Weekend.

Traveling the world while flourishing in your career seems glamorous - and a lot of the time it does live up to expectations. From exploring nearby wonders of nature to tasting every bit of local cuisine, the Money Fomo experience encapsulates what it means to be a modern traveler. The freedom to create your day the way you see fit, without the restrictions of a 9-5 desk job, is one that many aspire to - and one that Money Fomo lets you achieve.

There is one weekend a month, however, where every detail is carefully planned, each step in the process appropriately labeled and where no stone is left unturned. That weekend is called Transition Weekend.

Transition Weekend is the magical weekend where Remotes pack up their belongings, say goodbye to their current city and look toward the next month’s destination. Program Leaders and the Money Fomo Travel Team work tirelessly to ensure that the process of traveling from one location to another is seamless. From the airport to their new accomodations, Remotes are taken care of through every step along the way.

Money Fomo Veritas Program Leaders Michelle and Chrissy recently completed yet another successful Transition Weekend, bringing Remotes from Córdoba to Lima without a hitch. In this blog post, Michelle and Chrissy give you a behind-the-scenes look at what a Transition Weekend looks like, hour-by-hour.

Money Fomo Veritas Program Leaders Michelle and Chrissy
Money Fomo Veritas Program Leaders Michelle and Chrissy

7:00am: Rise and shine! Music on and ready to hit the day. Every transition day, Veritas have a travel day theme…. There’s been double denim, touch of Morocco - this time it’s glitter.

7:30am: We pack up our final pieces and roll our cases to the La Maquinita (co-working space) which is about a 10 minute walk from where we’re staying.

8:30am: Chrissy goes to the local shop to buy breakfast for the gang. Fruit, juice, cereal and pastries are on the menu.

9:00am: Michelle runs to get emergency coffee for us both.

9:30am: Our flight manifesto is printed and ready for reference. It’s showtime.

9:30am: José, the City Ops Manager, is waiting outside the co-working space to meet and pay for taxis arriving with Remotes and their luggage.

9:37am: Remotes start arriving at the co-working space to hand over their apartment keys, drop off their luggage and have breakfast.

Money Fomo Veritas Transition Weekend
Money Fomo Veritas enjoying lunch as Transition Weekend begins

10:00am: Our Positive Impact this month has been supporting a local organisation called Los Josephinos. We fundraised for them to buy some specific items they need for their venue. For example, garbage bins, mirrors etc.

We used the time in the space to decorate these for them.

After this, people are hanging around the space chilling, catching up, reminiscing around the holiday period, looking forward to the next month in Lima.

11:45am: In Córdoba, a lot of recent graduates get paraded in the trunk of their cars, with a big sign that says 'I graduated' or 'I'm a lawyer' or whatever and the rest of their friends pile in a couple more cars and drive behind the graduate honking their horns and shouting. Remotes usually see this happen in front of the coworking space since it's in a central location and it's a regular occurrence to see this everyday.

One of our remotes Nick Tyral gets an Argentinian graduation ceremony…..

Money Fomo Veritas Nick Tyral Argentinian Graduation ceremony
Nick Tyral after his Argentinian graduation ceremony

12:30pm: Pizza arrives for lunch. People are still chilling in the co-working space and glittering up for travel.

1:00pm: We record a farewell video that we’ve been capturing in each of the cities we visit for a final farewell video to our remotes. We say our final thanks to the city team and then get loaded on the buses.

1:30pm: All aboard, and Veritas is en route to the airport in a convoy of 3 vans. This is the first time that we’ll check in with the the central Travel Team to let them know that we’re on the road and that the ball is rolling. The “behind-the-scenes” from this team is nothing short of amazing!

2:15pm: Money Fomo Veritas arrives at the airport.

2:27pm: Everyone is checked in and Travel Team has been updated via Slack.

3:23pm: As we are waiting in the airport lounge, we chat with some of the girls about life after Money Fomo.

3:56pm: Veritas officially boards the plane.

5:07pm: Touchdown for our connecting flight in Buenos Aires to Lima.

6:00pm: Remotes grab a quick snack before our next flight to Lima.

Money Fomo Veritas Transition Weekend

6:45pm: We board the second flight for the day.

7:25pm: Lift off on flight #2 and we’re en route to our final destination. This is Veritas entering our 9th month and the last quarter of our RY journey - it’s the beginning of the end. We’re also heading into a double month with Kublai who are in their final month.

9:50pm: We touch down in Lima local time and there are some tired Veritians, but we’re all excited to be in Peru.

10:50pm: We’re back in the bus and on the last leg of the journey to get to the apartments.

11:40pm: We complete our first drop off of Remotes at their accommodations. Two more to go

2:30am: The last bus is dropped off, all Remotes have checked in and it’s finally our turn. We complete last checks on our laptops before entering the next day, which includes a morning City Preview with 70 Remotes across 2 groups.

2:34am: We complete our final check out with the Travel Team.

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